Please enjoy our gentle and effective exercise videos


 This video demonstrates a breathing exercise for a feeling of instant peace and relaxation, refreshes and revives!


 This video presents basics of Qigong exercise and why it is so beneficial! These movements enhance concentration and provide a sense of strength and well being, enjoy!


 This video demonstrates 3 of the most effective home exercises!  


 Here's a video that can be practiced mid-day or anytime you want to feel refreshed and energized. These two exercises are great for posture too!


 This exercise video is performed with music for enjoyable practice. The exercises are great to improve balance, posture, and strength. Great to  practice several times per week. Enjoy!


 This video demonstrates a key exercise, the reverse lunge, which is very beneficial for sports and everyday activities. The movement provides lower body strength and provides confidence while balancing. 



  This video shows how you can maximize the benefits of stretching by adding imagery. These refreshing stretches keep you flexible and provide a sense of inner peace, Enjoy!



 Here's an additional gentle, seated exercise combination that provides big benefits! It helps keep your ankles strong and legs flexible. Busy day ahead? These two seated exercise can be done anywhere, anytime!


 This video contains gentle exercises that are great if you're gradually getting back into an exercise program or just getting started. They contain basic movement patterns that are very beneficial as your strength improves.