Cheers for KIMCHI! Discover and enjoy the health and beauty benefits of this popular Korean dish

Cheers for KIMCHI! Discover and enjoy the health and beauty benefits of this popular Korean dish

Ever wonder if there was a food out there that could help support the digestive system, prevent over eating, provide extra energy, plus keep the skin bright and radiant? 

Good news, this wonder food certainly does exist and it’s called kimchi.  I credit this popular Korean dish for rejuvenating my health and fitness routine!

I was introduced to eating kimchi by my brother, an architect and college professor, who's made multiple trips to Daegu, South Korea. I learned that there are hundreds of varieties of kimchi, but for the most part the main ingredients are a variety of fermented vegetables, garlic, oil, pepper, and vinegar.

I was warned this combination is spicy, but that the unique, distinct taste would be ultimately enjoyable. 

What intrigued me more than the taste were the noted health and beauty benefits.  Kimchi is said to give skin a clear and radiant appearance. I was willing to try it, no matter how spicy!

I received more than I bargained for. Beyond the healthful effects the kimchi had on my skin, I liked the positive direction it was taking my eating and exercise habits. 

For example, if I ate a little kimchi as soon as I came home from work I found that the peppery kick gave me a more energetic feeling as opposed to the sluggish feeling I usually felt when I came home from work.  Normally, if I was tired after work I would reach for a sugary snack bar as an evening pick-up.

By replacing the snack bar with some celery sticks and kimchi, I feel invigorated and ready for the evening activities. By satisfying my hunger as soon as I come home from work, I avoid snacking on empty calorie “junk foods” before dinner.

Even after dinner, I used to find it difficult to resist unhealthy choices.  Yet after eating kimchi, I no longer crave sugary desserts. Instead, I find myself wanting to go for a walk, try a new workout or just relax with a cup of green tea.

It’s no wonder kimchi has so many health benefits. Most types of kimchi contain:

  • High concentrations of vitamin C and B vitamins.
  • Low calories with a good amount of fiber.
  • Fermented foods which provide “good bacteria,” to aid in digestion and intestinal health. 
  • Ingredients that may help reduce cholesterol.
  • Powerful antioxidant effects.    

I am very glad to have been introduced to eating kimchi and look forward to learning more ways of incorporating it into weekly meal planning.

If you enjoy kimchi like I do or would like to share your favorite kimchi recommendation,  please leave a comment below.

Hope you have a great day!

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