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Flavors of Fitness

1 Single Session, PRIVATE STUDIO, One-on-One, (1 hour) Private Lesson

1 Single Session, PRIVATE STUDIO, One-on-One, (1 hour) Private Lesson

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 Welcome to our studio!

Your one-on-one sessions are customized to meet your fitness and wellness goals

Our area of expertise is Healthy Active Aging

We design a program that specifically addresses your most important fitness and wellness aspirations.

Whether you are new to exercise, returning from a break, or would like specific exercises for a home routine, we can customize a package or a single session just for you.

In addition to physical exercises, we also provide techniques to help manage stress if this is something you feel is important.

Individuals who are over the age of 50 face different challenges.

At Flavors of Fitness, we listen to your needs. Our hope is that the exercises you learn in the studio will be applied at home. We help you achieve results that can be maintained for years to come.  

We customize a program to help you:

Reduce stress

Improve posture

Move in a fluid, pain free manner

Increase energy, strength, and flexibility 

***Our programs are tailored to the physical activities that you enjoy most. 

Our exercises are gentle, yet effective. We have over 30 years of experience in the health and wellness field and have put together a system of exercises that integrates Yoga, Pilates, and Functional Fitness.

We'll design your 1-hour sessions to be enjoyable and effective.

Please arrive early for your session; we have a private waiting area for you to relax and refresh.


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